About exaMeta

exaMeta is all about collaboratively collecting, sharing and promoting useful information. Every day you come across many articles, webpages , videos etc, which you find useful and exaMeta provides you the platform where you can collect such useful resources and if you like you can share with others. You can also search for simillar useful stuff that other users have shared. If you share something and others find it useful and promote it by clicking the useful button, you gain some reputaion points. As your reputation in the community grows, special previlages are unlocked for you.

The term "useful" can be ambiguous sometimes. Depending upon what you are looking for, its definition will vary. For example if you are looking for "How to format a computer", the article describing "How to repair a TV" will be not useful to you at that time but it might be useful to someone else. So you just need to upvote only that resource which was useful to you. We have provided a general guideline for what is considered useful and what can be shared on exaMeta.

What does exaMeta provide ?

In a nutshell exaMeta provides:

  1. A platform to find links to useful information on your field of interest
  2. A place where you can bookmark links & sync the list with your browser
  3. A community driven sharing site to promote useful information
  4. A fun way to collect and organise useful stuff
  5. A comunity of really awesome users

The objective is to make exaMeta.com a place on the Internet where anyone cand find links to useful information on the field of profession or the field of interest of his or her choice.

Wait a minute !! I think I have seen something similar somewhere !

Yup, you are right. This site is heavily influenced by stackoverflow.com . While there is a great community of professional developers and programmers at stackoverflow, we thought of developing the platform for building an awesome community where users can be from any field of profession without being limited to software development. .

So like stackoverflow it's you the users who indeed run the site. We just work hard to make the platform as much useful as possible and maintain it. With the help of awesome users as you, we can save, share & promote useful information that can be helpful to many people.

But we are not there yet !

Although the site is inspired by stackoverflow, it doesn't stand anywhere near it in any field including the user experience. What I am trying to point out is that, exaMeta is not a complete product yet, it's in a beta phase where features are under development. We decided to develop it in public, that is; each week or every time a new feature is implemented or modified we will notify the users through email and post about it on the blog. You can check it out and let us know whether the update is useful or not.