Frequently Asked Questions

What is an item ?

For now, on exaMeta item is just a name used for links. So basically "add an item" means add a link. However it has been named like this as in the future it will support some more features apart from adding a link. Whenever you find something on the web that you think is useful, you can share the link to it on exaMeta and it will be listed as an item.

The items type is simply the type of content the link points to.The item can be a piece of code, or an article or something else. You can view the item types to choose from while adding a link.

What links can I save and share ?

When sharing a link you must make sure the link strictly follows the site's usefulness guideline. However you can save any link you like in your bookmark list (doesn't matter whether it's useful or not) as long as you keep the link private.

You should share links to content, articles, videos, images etc, which have information that can be useful either in the personal or professional life of people. Examples of such are:

  1. links to tutorials
  2. news about technology
  3. articles related to a profession
  4. self-help and motivational articles
  5. key notes, presentations

The site provides two basic features, sharing and saving. If you are sharing something in public it has to follow the site's usefulness guideline or it will be removed. If you want to save a link or bookmark it, you can check the make it private checkbox while saving. Private links can be about anything and you can use the awesome Sync feature to sync your bookmarked list across browsers.

What links should I not share here ?

Links to content that are distinctly not useful either in the personal or professional life of anyone should not be shared here. This site is about collecting and sharing links to content that are useful, that you or someone else can use in his/her personal or professional life. So avoid sharing links to random news, entertaining articles or pictures and most importantly do not share links to illegal products or contents.

Do not share links like the following:

  1. Wimbledon 2012: Briton Jonathan Marray wins men's doubles final (Not allowed as News Story)
  2. Is not the zoo fun? ( (Not allowed as Funny Pic/Story)
  3. Six Star Wars Fans and the Ultimate DIY Project ( (Not allowed as Random Entertaining Article)
  4. Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box [Live] He would have been 45 today
To prevent your share from being flagged and possibly removed, avoid posting links that violate the site's usefulness guideline.

What is reputation ?

We save and share useful items on exaMeta collaboratively as a community and the Repuation is a rough measure of how much the community trusts you. You are provided with special privileges depending upon your reputation. It also indirectly expresses the usefulness of the posts you share and how much you are exposed to useful information on your field of profession or field of interest.

So sharing items that others find useful is the primary way of gaining more reputation. If you share something that can be useful to a larger number of people, the chances of getting up votes on your link will be more and in return you will gain more reputation points.

Below are the list of activities that will increase your reputation:

link up vote (LUV) +5
unique link share (ULS) +1

How does the useful button work?

The useful button is a way to express Thanks to the 1st sharer of the link and to recommend the link to others. So whenever you find a link that is useful to you, promote it by marking useful. On when you click on the useful button corresponding to a shared link, you mark it as useful; that is, you give your recommendation that the resource the link points to is useful.

On other sites when you click on a useful button, if the link corresponding to the button already exists on exaMeta, its useful count is increased by one and you are asked if you would like to save the link in your bookmark list. If however the link you are sharing doesn't already exists, it will ask you to save it by providing information like title, description etc. You will become the 1st sharer of the link. Its useful count will increase starting from the next up vote.

Whenever you find a link that is useful to you and up vote it, as a reward some reputaion points will be awarded to the 1st sharer of the link. Once you have voted a link as useful, you can neither re-vote it nor undo the vote. So carefully mark links useful.

Why there is no "Not Useful" button?

The definition of "useful" will vary depending upon what you are looking for.For example if you are looking for "How to format a computer", the article describing "How to repair a TV" will be not useful to you at that time but it might be useful to someone else. So there is no not useful button yet.

The site encourages pushing up links that are useful by voting up rather than dragging down links that are not useful. So anytime you find something useful, just click on the useful button and up vote it. Links that are not useful should not be publicly shared on exaMeta. If you feel a link is not useful or violates the site's general guideline, you can flag it and call for moderator attention.