Privacy Policy

We take privacy of your personal information seriously and take utmost care to protect it. This privacy policy page describes what information is collected and how it is used.

Saved Items

exaMeta is a community driven site where we encourage saving and sharing links to useful items present around the web. However, you can choose to save an item privately and those will not be available to the public. In case of any item you share is flagged for any reason, it will be removed from public display but you can access and view it from your profile.


exaMeta uses cookies to store user preferences to give users a smooth experience.At some places of the site ads from Google Adsense is shown. Hence, 3rd party advertisers may be placing and reading cookies on your browsers.

Usage Information

To improve the service of exaMeta we keep track of usage information of the site like what OS or browsers are used etc. We use Google Analytics for this purpose. You can learn about google analytics privacy policy at

Perosnal Information

In your profile you can provide additional details about yourself, your location and age etc. These informations are shown publicly so that the community can know you a bit better. However, it is always upto you whether you would like to display these information. Although you provide your email while registering, it is never shown in public. The email address you provide is used for password resets and keeping you updated about exaMeta.

If you have any question about this policy or would like to know more about exaMeta you can contact us at