Save, share and promote useful content. All with a single button.

Introducing !! The Useful button for the Web.

1 Save links to useful content & sites

When you find something useful on the web you sure want to save it for future use. If the web site has the Useful button, you can click it and save the site's link directly in your bookmark list.

2 Share useful links with other users

As you save a link by clicking the useful button, by default you share it on exaMeta. The data about the link like title, description, tags etc are collaboratively edited by the community and stored for future use.

3 Promote links by marking useful

When you click on the useful button, you are not only saving the link but at the same time expressing that the link is useful. Your saving increases the vote count of the link and promotes it to stand out from other resources scattered around the web .

Have a website ? or a blog ?

Add the useful button on your site and let the users save, share and mark your content useful with just a single click.