Usefulness Guideline

On exaMeta we hold and follow the following definition of usefulness:

Any piece of information, service or resource can be considered useful if it has some sort of practical value either in the personal or professional life of someone and the degree of its usefulness is proportional to the number of people who find it useful and to how much extent it helps them.

So anything you share on exaMeta should adhere to the above definition and should follow the general guidelines discussed below.

The following things are considered useful and links to them can be shared on exaMeta.

  1. Articles regrading any profession
  2. Tutorials on any profession
  3. Reviews of movies, games, books etc.
  4. Motivational & inspiring articles
  5. Web applications & services
  6. Keynotes, events & conferences
  7. Technology news
  8. Blog posts on useful topics

Links to following items shouldn't be shared here:

  1. News Stories
  2. Funny pics, stories
  3. Random entertaining news, articles, pictures etc
  4. Religious opinions, articles
  5. Political articles
  6. Adult & Pornographic content
Most importantly make sure not to share links to illegal products, services or contents that promote illegal activities.
If the community finds any post that violates this guideline, it will be flagged and removed from the site. The user who 1st shared the link will loose 100 reputation points.